What’s in a Number, Part 6

What’s in a number, Part Six


Ah we are finally to the end of this series arc.  No more history lessons (at least no more foundational history lessons) on the nations before us.  Though this has been a long sub series in the greater series arc on symbols and meanings behind 418, I feel that it has been crucial to your knowledge as a reader.  I want my readers – few as they may be right now – to become aware of politics.  More than that, I want you to become students of political theory.  With a foundation and working knowledge of theory, you can apply it anywhere, to any situation.  You will be able to see the national machine on a three dimensional scale.  That is why I began with the dry and often mind numbing (even for me to write!) lessons on the nations that America owes its heritage.


Also, I had to explain the three nations prior to America so that the symbolism of what the final meaning of “418” means.  America, this great nation, is the Fourth Realm.  Thus, the final explanation of “418” is the “Fourth Realm” {4 + 18 [Number of the letter R] = Fourth Realm).


The Fourth Realm

Bases militares EEUU en el mundo

America is the dominant world power… for now.  Our democratic republic is at a very critical time in its life cycle.  While some argue that we are on the verge of falling, it can be argued (as was previously mentioned in the first 4one8.org article) that we are merely in our adolescence.  However, just as a human adolescent will make poor decisions that can cause serious detriment to their future, so it goes for a nation.


As a nation, America has already been through an accelerated life cycle.  Born of a revolution form the largest empire ever to exist on the planet, the USA has already fallen into the pit of complacency that is so extremely dangerous.  There is little individual national pride from The Masses, and The Establishment has become as corrupt as those who came before it.  The common citizen has not been taught self-sufficiency, and as a whole, the nation’s dominance is a façade.  America’s financial debts to foreign powers, inability for the populous to provide for themselves and dependence on foreign resources has placed the country in a precarious situation.  It is at the whim of foreign entities and corporations that the USA can be brought to its knees.


Just as the adolescent human makes poor decisions, chooses dangerous friends, and has little fiscal responsibility, so does America exist.  However, this situation is not unrecoverable.  The upcoming series arc will be speaking to the role of the Citizen.  Notice, that the word “Citizen” has been capitalized.  This is intentional, as I intend to relate some of the classic philosophical opinions on the duties and responsibilities of the Citizen.


Within America’s borders are more resources, wealth and capability than most other nations combined.  The most valuable of these assets are the American people.  How the people are managed is the key to setting America’s future back on track.  There are several key points which must be addressed if America is to not only survive, but flourish.  These points must be tackled and repaired – or in some cases even redesigned completely:  Education, Fiscal responsibility, Self Sufficiency and National Unity.  [Note: A future series arc will discuss these topics in more detail.]


Withstanding the Storm


It is by empowering the masses that the nation as a whole will be stronger and more prepared to face the volatile geopolitical scene.  It is also through this mass empowerment that the nation will be able to withstand a large scale disaster, be it of natural or manmade origin.  Just as Rosie the Riveter was able to run the factories and industries in the homeland while the soldiers were fighting the Axis powers in World War Two, so would our citizens be able to maintain industry and economy.


America has enemies.  Any great nation or powerful country will have those who seek to destroy it.  In our current times, the major threat is perceived as those following the Islamic faith.  In reality, this is not necessarily the full truth.  As mentioned earlier, the motivation of religion is a powerful thing.  The enemies we have at this time are using religion to frenzy those that will carry out the face to face warfare.  However, just as there is The Establishment and The Masses here in America, it also exists in foreign powers.  There are those in control of American enemies that use whatever motivations necessary to convince The Masses to support their cause.  If we do not act in the near future to control our own destiny, we will find ourselves a shadow of our past influence and prosperity.  That will result in the weakened state enemy factions need to crush us.


Future Influence


As you have read the last several articles, you have learned of our history.  It is intimately connected to the history of the Greeks, Romans and British.  We are now in the era of the Fourth Realm.  While we are powerful and prosperous at the current time, we cannot expect that to last indefinitely.  We can, however, as individual Citizens, stand up and begin to cause changes in the system that will streamline our great republic.  Our obligation as a nation is not to rule over the globe as dictators.  Instead, we have a twofold purpose.  The first is to restore the strength of our nation.  This is through internal reform and redesign.  America must form solidarity amongst the citizens.  They must become “Citizens.”  Regardless of political party lines and religious or racial backgrounds, the common identifying thread among us all is our nation.  There will always be dissent, and that dissent is part of the liberty that makes this nation great.  It is also part of the check and balance system that we so desperately need.  A sense of national unity can be attained without becoming imperialistic.  Zeal must be tempered with wisdom and societal training.  This does not mean that the American is better than those from other countries.  It does not mean that Americans have more intrinsic value than another country’s resident.  It does, however, mean that we have been blessed to live in a nation with limitless potential.  Our potential can be realized through the uniting of the people under the flag as proud Citizens who are willing to serve and sacrifice for their nation.  As the pledge of allegiance says, “One Nation” we must become so.  The pledge describes the American people as “Indivisible.”  This literally means that we cannot be divided by internal conflict.  We must achieve that status if we are to remain a world power.  Finally, the pledge states that we have “Liberty and justice for all.”  This is – in the end – what we must defend at all costs from any power, faction or government.


The second purpose is to expand our influence in geopolitics as a benevolent, yet wise international power.  This influence can be attained through learning from the mistakes of the three realms that have come before us.  Through force, brutish expansionism and raw imperialism, we will perish and be recorded in history as another failed empire.  However, through the betterment of the world as a whole, we can exist as a stable power in a world of chaos.  Economically we have the potential to raise allied nations to greater prosperity.  This stabilizes the world’s economic status, thus securing our own financial success.  We have the natural resources to provide for our allies and limit the influence of hostile governments currently in control of these resources.  America has the knowledge to focus on health issues that could spread from other nations to our borders.  And, in situations where diplomacy fails, we have the military might to both defend our shores and our allies.   If you look at these issues, you see that each issue secures prosperity and success for our allies.  However, it also directly provides for our own long term stabilization.


Our future is unclear.  If left unaltered, the nation as it exists today will evolve into something much different from what it is today.  It is on a path to transform into something very sinister – a direct polar opposite from what the theories I have postulated call for.  Our future is in the hands of each citizen.  It is OUR responsibility to make the changes happen.



 You now know the meaning of the symbols of 4one8.org.  Thank you for staying with me through the lengthy discourse I have given over the last few weeks.  I know it has been dry, but hopefully you see now that the information was a foundation.  This foundation is one that we will build on in future articles.  Each article will hopefully cause someone, somewhere to think.  Hopefully someone will decide to start acting.   It is my sincere hope that this will eventually catch the eye of someone that can make a difference.  That person is you.  The decision is now yours.





Defend Liberty!  Defend the Republic!

418 / 1775


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